Dad standing with Bill Flick and Uncle Bill sitting - watching a windmill being built.

Dad standing with Bill Flick and Uncle Bill Pugh sitting – watching a windmill being built.

Written by Nancy Reynolds for her Dad’s Memorial Service on December 29, 2008:

When the younger generation is text messaging on their cell phones, they use a lot of what used to be called “short hand” – short cut ways of writing things. They use the letters bff which stand for “Best Friends Forever.” Anyone who has a bf (best friend) in life is truly blessed, but anyone who has a bff (best friend forever) is doubly blessed. I want all you kids (you text messengers out there) to know that Pop Pop Herbie had a bff! His bff was BF – Bill Flick! Isn’t that fascinating? Pop Pop’s bff/BF called him by telephone every day and I mean EVERY day! He never missed – now that’s a bff if I ever saw one.

It was usually the same time of day – 4:15 PM. They would exchange greetings and BF would always try to have some news to share or some interesting little tidbit from his day. As the weeks and months went by, Pop Pop was less and less able to keep up his end of the conversation, but he always tried. His spirit was truly lifted at the sound of Bill’s voice. If on occasion the call was overly late, Pop Pop would become concerned that something unforeseen had happened, and he would demand the phone to make a call to Bill – always to discover that Bill had been out and was simply delayed in returning home. At the end of the call, Pop Pop would thank BF and BF would tell Pop Pop that he loved him. Pop Pop would then turn to those in the room with him at the time and say, “He loves me” and smile.

At 5 PM on Saturday evening, the day Pop Pop passed away, his BFF put in his regular call. Caregiver Lisa was on duty at the time. She put the phone to Pop Pop’s ear and he stirred enough for her to know that he was indeed responding to Bill’s voice. He tried to mouth the words that appeared to be “thank you.” His best friend forever told him he loved him and Lisa passed along the thank you. How appropriate that Bill had the final connection. At 5:08 a new call came from the Ultimate BFF on High and Pop Pop answered the call with a new voice and a peaceful, jubilant heart! Thank you Bill Flick – We love you.